Welcome to the Circular Economy event of the year, ICEF2024. 

The third edition of India Circular Economy Forum, ICEF2024 will focus on the “Emerging Technology and Innovation in Industry”, leading India’s Circular Transition. 

ICEF2024 will see Panel Discussions, Accelerator sessions, and Trailblazers that would accelerate the Indian economy towards the transition to a circular economy. ICEF2024, will be a physical event from 11-12th July at India Habitat Center (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi. It offers two days of learning, innovation, actions, and ideas on Circular Economy.

  1. The panels will bring the visionary session to life through inspiring examples of the circular economy “in action”
  2. Accelerator Sessions will be outcome-oriented events highlighting the action needed for a circular transition. These are led by partner organizations and their collaborators
  3. ACE Awards in Circular Economy is hosted to honor and commend work by pioneers in different sectors 

More details will follow soon!

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