Circular labs are living laboratories in urban and rural regions. These labs are ecosystem of open innovation, centered on local issues, which often operate in a territorial context. They help in integrating concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private partnership.

The Circular labs are basis for the strategic development of an area. They establish an association of sustainable stakeholders- users, policymakers, businesses and researchers. Each lab works in a specific context and aims to meet specific objectives and ambitions.

Circular labs combines relevant topics (Agriculture, Tourism, Innovation, Energy & Environment, Food, Water, Mobility, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Competition, etc) for future challenges in rural, urban and remote areas, in order to give them real and sustainable perspectives to cope with existing challenges (among others, climate change effects and globalization of food value chain)

The consortium helps in collaboration on a unique initiative and open innovation approach providing knowledge transfer from research results, reusable/ replicable methods and tools in order to foster an effective transformation (technological, socio-economic, human centric) for all stakeholders in their targeted territories.

Circular Labs aims at bringing rural innovation along with high impact to the wide spectrum of the agricultural activities, entrepreneurship, job creation, digital skills improvement, shared and circular economies among new business models and prototypes for better decision-making and community engagement. 

They aims at capitalizing and sharing know how on existing business models and value chains, focusing on: 

Creation of an extensive analysis of the existing business models in order to foster collection and capitalization of existing knowledge

Development of a comprehensive approach to circular business models, to identify bench-marking criteria and suggest innovative strategies

Conceptualization of business models and innovative trends, through analysis of the macro and micro-picture

Circular Labs