3rd June 2022 ICEF2022
Circular Regions sign MoU with International Council for Circular Economy

The MoU between the International Council for Circular Economy and Circular Regions is targeted to bridge the Global North and South breaking down cultural and linguistic barriers to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy; and no symbol could be more fitting than two female entrepreneurs in the spotlight each wearing their traditional national costumes, the Norwegian Bunad and the Indian Saree. READ MORE

2nd June 2022 ICEF2022
Release of second annual report of ICCE

Mr. Sudhir Kumar, Adviser, NITI Aayog released our second Annual Report (2021-22). READ MORE

2nd June 2022 ICEF2022
Signing of MoU with CREDUCE

CREDUCE Hydel Group is Honored to have signed an MOU with the International Council for Circular Economy for working in the areas of Carbon Credits Development, Climate change mitigation technologies consulting, assistance in policymaking to support Circularity amongst Indian Urban Local Bodies. READ MORE

2nd June 2022 ICEF2022
Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, inaugurated ICEF2022

In his enlightening speech, Mr Kant shared the importance of designing for a circular economy, the need for green hydrogen and reinforcing the mantra of LIFE. Council has been invited by him to work closely with NITI Aayog in future. WATCH HERE

March-April 2022 Hackathon
SMART India Hackathon: 5th Edition

ICCE is happy ro be working with MOE's Innovation cell under Ministry of Education to start create innovation in waste managemenr sector. Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem solving. Read More

30 March 2022 Discussions
Business World and Sustain Lab Paris

BW Businessworld & Sustain Labs Paris presented India's most Sustainable Companies Conclave: Sustainable World 2022
India's largest & most influential gathering of thought leaders take the stage on Sustainability, ESG, Green Economy & More.

11 Mar 2022 Discussions
Importance of Research in Circular Economy

ICCE conducted a workshop on “Research in Circular Economy”.  The panelists included Jaideep Prabhu from Cambridge Judge Business School, Dr ABHISHEK SHARMA from Manipal University Jaipur and Mr. Animesh Ghosh from IIT Kharagpur and Dr. Vivek Soni from Jaipuria School of Business, Ghaziabad. The objective was to share, promote and discuss the importance of research in the circular economy. Watch the discussion HERE.

11 Feb 2022 Research and Policy
Journal on Circular Economy: Issue 01

Journal on Circular Economy was launched as India's first journal on this subject. The journal is devoted to research, policy and innovation in this domain. ACCESS the Journal HERE.

7 Feb 2022 Collaboration
Member of GPML

ICCE became a member of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter (#GPML) with the aim of preventin marine litter and microplastics. SEE OUR PARTNERS

01 Feb 2022 Academic
Circular Economy as an Open Elective

AICTE introduced Circular Economy as an elective for all undergraduate technical courses. READ MORE details here.

31 Jan 2022 Collaboration
Knowledge Partner at PRCA 2.0

ICCE became a knowledge partner at Plastic Recycling Conference ASIA 2. READ MORE

13 Jan 2022 Academic
Faculty Development Program
faculty, workshop, professional training-979900.jpg

Delivered a training program on 'Recycling of Plastics for Sustainable Growth'  for Faculty and industry in collaboration with CIPET: IPT Bhubaneswar.

21- 22 Jan 2022 Academic
ESG in Corporate Governance
ESG course

Conducted a 2-day course on Environmental Social Governance (ESG), for more sustainable and carbon-neutral business practices.


9th Jan, 2022 Circular Chat
Circular Chat Season 3 | Climate Change

Season 3 brings series of episodes that shall confer about #ClimateChange to create knowledge on Climate Change and role a Circular Economy can play in curbing it. SEE SEASON #3

8 Jan 2022 Conclave
Leadership Conclave

Goa Institute of Management (GIM), in collaboration with ICCE organized a Leadership Conclave on sustainability and circular economy under its Give Goa initiative.

28 Dec 2021 Academic
Release of SWAYAM course

Release of Self-Paced Course titled "Linear to Circular Economy" for AICTE SWAYAM MOOCs platform. 



22 Dec 2021 Article
CE's role in Techno-Economic National growth through Smart and Secured Governance
barley, getreideanbau, barley cultivation

Shalini Goyal Bhalla & Dr. P. Sekhar's article on the Post covid19 devastation strategic role that CE would play for Techno-Economic National growth through Smart and Secured Governance. 

13 Dec 2021 Business Circularity tool
Launched Focus in Indian Business Circularity

The pilot project in business circularity for Indian companies. An initiative to identify best practices, circular strategies across all material life cycle phases. READ MORE

26 Nov 2011 Policy Dialogue
Circular Cities: Future for India

The policy dialogue engaged with Indian city mayors, city planners, policymakers from NITI Aayog and OECD - OCDE. The workshop explored ways to inspire the local strategies on the circular economy along with the political commitment. READ MORE

18 Nov 2021 EPR
Roadmap for EPR Implementation of Plastics in India

Knowledge partner at National Conference about the latest EPR implementation guidelines, current challenges and opportunities and future roadmap.

11th Oct 2021 Collaboration
Collaboration with Fakhruddin Integrated Environmental Consultants

Fakhruddin Integrated Environmental Consultants from Dubai collaborates with ICCE to lead to a better future for both nations.

9 Oct- 29 Oct 2021 Academic
Certified program in Circularity (#CPC)

Certified program in Circularity (#CPC), a 5-week program is a well-curated program for industry, entrepreneurs and students to learn the basics of Circular Economy. 

8 Oct 2021 Conference
Knowledge Partner at GreenCo Summit 2021
wormhole, space, time

After successfully kicking off Practitioner Labs for Policy Prototyping, the GreenCo Summit 2021 elaborated and discussed challenges faced by circular economy enterprises in India, and address potential solutions, followed by peer presentations of outcomes.

6 Oct 2021 Capacity Building
Leadership Development Program

ICCE with AIU engaged & active involvement with almost 200 Vice Chancellors to discuss the role of planning, development, and implementation of the latest trends in curriculum development. The program engaged participants through several case studies in fostering research, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the global practices to deploy in their curricula. READ MORE

14 July 2021 Plastics
Circular Chat: Season 2 on Plastics

Season 2 of the Circular Chat series is a series of 7 episodes that conferred about the future of plastics, their future, technology in recycling, modern lifestyle and environmental challenges of Plastics. WATCH SEASON #2

27 May 2021 ESG
Strategic Direction: Challenges and Opportunities in ESG

Client demand, regulation, opportunity and risk are dictating the rapid evolution of ESG financial materiality. Are you moving fast enough? What does progress look like? The program brought insights from industry forerunners, leading asset owners, senior regulators and influential international players.

27 April 2021 Vehicle Scrap Policy
India International Vehicle Recycling Summit 2021

Summit brought the international vehicle recycling community together during the launch of the Indian Vehicle Scrappage Scheme. Not only did this summit offer the opportunity to interact with speakers from all over the world it also offered the chance to network with others involved in the auto recycling industry. READ MORE

29 March 2021 Policymaking
Appointed to Committee on policymaking by NITI Aayog

Our Managing Director was appointed by NITI Aayog on the 11 sub-committees made for planning strategies for a transition from a Linear to Circular approach for different sectors. 

23 March 2021 Certified Courses
Course Launch

ICCE launched India's first certified courses in Circular Economy.  The key takeaways are understanding economic models that emerged after industrialization and its consequences, need for a change that can combat these consequences, learning the Circular economy concepts of sustainability & comparing the linear and circular economy through different strategies and business models.

29 Jan 2021 Book Launch
Circular economy: (Re) Emerging Movement

Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog released India’s first book on Circular Economy. He commended the book for taking a sectoral approach and highly recommended it to readers. Buy the book HERE.

15 Jan 2021 Energy
Renewable Energy: A Circular Alternate!

Acquire an understanding of the transition to the use of renewable energy leading to a circular economy and achievement of sustainable development goals.

11 Nov 2020 Circular Chat
Circular Chat Season #1
data, block chain, honeycomb

A total of 23 episodes added value to the Circular Economy community through sharing expertise, discussing business cases and knowledge sharing. WATCH SEASON #1 

31st Oct 2020 Discussions
Extending Product Lifespan: Through Repurpose and Remanufacture

The second part of “Extending Product Lifespan” focused on lifespan elongation through refurbishing, remanufacturing and repurposing.

Oct 7, 2020 Loop-based apparoach
Extending Product Lifespan - A Circular Practice

This session recognized product life extension as an important tenet of Circular Economy.

20 Sep 2020 Strategy
3-year Strategy announced

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. ICCE operates on 3 strong pillarsEducate, Innovate and Inspire. Our VIsion 2023 can be Accessed HERE 

AUGUST 28, 2020 Packaging
Circular Economy Solution to Packaging Industry

With two exceptional speakers from Coca-Cola and BeCircular, ICCE conducted this webinar to understand the innovation in the packaging industry.

AUGUST 21, 2020 Webinar
India-EU Joint Declaration on Circular Economy

Our first webinar discussed the historical Joint declaration to scale up India-EU cooperation in the areas of resource efficiency and circular economy.

1 Aug, 2020 ICCE comes to life
Operations started

International Council for Circular Economy (ICCE) was incorporated and started as India's biggest forum. A Sec-8 company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, ICCE, started its operations in Aug 2020.