Fostering the Circular Economy Mission through a Collaborative approach!

An interactive joint initiative that brings together stakeholders active in the broad field of the Circular Economy in India

A sector-agnostic platform that explores cross-sector opportunities to convert waste to wealth. The purpose is to create a point of national convergence on initiatives, experiences, critical issues, perspectives, and expectations on the circular economy that our country needs and can represent India with a single voice, promoting the Indian way of adapting the economy through specific actions dedicated to the economic, social and environmental pillars. It also provides a meeting place for stakeholders to share and scale up effective solutions and address specific challenges. The platform bridges existing initiatives at the local, regional and national levels, and supports the implementation of the circular economy, to make the circular economy a reality by:

  • Driving the circular economy in regional and local governments, and among civil society organizations and businesses
  • Strengthening cooperation among stakeholder networks to facilitate the exchange of expertise, good practices, knowledge, and lessons learned in the circular economy
  • Identifying social, economic, and cultural barriers (such as social, economic and cultural) to the transition towards a circular economy with the intention of informing policy at all levels of governance

How will ICESP work?

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Future Ready Jobs

Creating 1.2 million industry ready jobs in Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

Capacity Building

Reduce the skill gap by knowledge sharing, partnerships, and collective action

Boosting Economy

Achieve target of 5 trillion economy for India with sustainable & green growth

Net Zero by 2070

Build collaborative industry-academia action to meet India’s Net Zero target of 2070

Climate Change

Enhancing material recovery, promoting green industry, mitigating climate change impact & reducing emission