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Well-compiled journal on circularity, most relevant in current times. 

Kishore Sampat, President , AIPMA

Journal on Circular Economy is a unique Indian knowledge product at intersection of climate, sustainability and institutional innovation. A unique scholarship platform to find breakthrough ideas in an accessible format. Accomplished contributors further make the Journal a compelling reference to targeted circularity issues.

Pooran Chandra Pandey, Climate ScoreCard, USA

In a circular economy mindset we care how we do our products and what we do with them. Journal on Circular Economy is an important forum for circular ideas to spread.

Ester Lovsin-Barle, Head of Product Stewardship & Health, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Behind the Scenes

Editor and Co-Editor

Shalini Goyal Bhalla
Sriman Banerjee

Working Committee

Dr. Sameer Joshi
Hon. Treasurer, IPI
Suzanna Lal
Project Manager, ICCE
Dr. Avik Sinha
Asst. Prof., GIM

Advisory Committee

Pooran Chandra Pandey
Climate Scorecard, USA
Edward Clarence-Smith
Sr. Advisor on CE, Austria