ICCE engages with private and public stakeholders to support the Circular initiatives. We provide our affiliates with best-in-class approaches, tools & methods, research material and networks to successfully drive the implementation of circular economy.


An ICCE mentor engages as a long-term active player who contributes to developing the Circular Economy. Mentors demonstrate their interest, innovative vision, and  support      to the circular    initiative. Corporates, academia, social entrepreneurs can be our mentors. Join us through a yearly subscription to become a part of the ICCE. Our membership is free for the first  50  members.

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ICCE welcomes academic initiatives, supports programs and lectures, design, engineering, and disciplines defining the human environment. Academic organizations can collaborate with ICCE’s Circular Lab program for participation and expert support. ICCE provides a platform for publishers, engineers, researchers and CE practitioners to share their work with our wide audience.

Circular Labs 


ICCE Influencers are the practitioners of the circular economy & visible face of ICCE in their respective cities. They bring CE practices at local level by facilitating networks to create real-world impact. They conduct hands-on workshops, start-up pitches to mentors, panel discussions, tours around companies embedding the CE, awareness campaigns, social networking events.

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We invite change-makers, thought leaders, students, and designers to associate with us. People looking for exciting opportunities in Circular Economy- 

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We work across disciplines to develop the vision, skills, and mindsets needed for a transition. If you are looking to learn Circular Economy practices- 

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