Circular Economy Mission

Echoing the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of “Circular Economy Mission”, and motivated by the recent reforms carried out by the government; Our commiittees are collective voice of the Indian industry. They undertake policy advocacy and engage with all stakeholders including the government and its agencies, to make India self-reliant, technologically advanced, innovative, research-oriented and a leading player in circularity. 

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Our Members

ICCE is proud of convening forward-thinking Indian companies committed to advance the circularity agenda. It offers a vast array of advantages to the member company or association. Collaboration across companies and industry sectors is the only option to build a safe and resilient world. Our committees are a group of businesses, innovators and thought leaders to build and scale a circular economy. 

The transition to a circular economy requires action from stakeholders across the globe. ICCE has created a movement to enable organisations to join together as a community to accelerate the transition. We provide a platform to share insights, join events, and learn from other circular economy practitioners.

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Most global businesses understand that in order to remain competitive, a circular economy must feature in their strategy. We all acknowledge the necessity to work collectively and collaboratively to build new markets without compromising nature’s balance. Our committees are a network of top companies in India that are working actively in the Circular Economy. It is an initiative to get recognition, share knowledge, tools, and measures that these companies have adopted to imbibe the principles of the Circular Economy. 

For change-makers, thought leaders, and designers- it’s a space to learn, share knowledge, and put ideas into practice. ICCE is a platform that provides collaborative and pre-competitive opportunities which bring together businesses, innovators, cities and governments, universities, and thought leaders. We work across disciplines to develop the vision, skills, and mindsets needed to learn CE practices and transition to a circular economy.

We encourage companies working on material circularity, product-life extension, reducing negative externalities, enhanced recycling techniques to apply here for being a part of ICCE. 

Partner Industries

If you are from Academia, Urban Local body, Industry Association, Government Organization, Not for profit, CSO, Think-Tank or Research Fellows, please fill this form. Your membership  is FREE. The membership entails information on subjects of Circular Economy, Climate Change, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Mission LiFE and SDGs.