Fashion for Good museum is going out in style

Fashion for Good (FFG) is synonymous with the world of regenerative fashion. This month we reported the impact being made by the Amsterdam-based platform’s investor network, which since 2017 has ploughed €1.9 billion into reshaping the future of the industry.

Now, as it plans for the next stage in its evolution, FFG is bringing the curtain down on its museum with the exhibition: What Goes Around Comes Around. Which celebrates the trailblazing work of artists, innovators and designers transforming the look and reputation of the fashion industry.

Exhibition curator Sophie Jager-van Duren said: “We are highlighting three areas in What Goes Around Comes Around. First: new work by local artists Atelier Reservé and The Patchwork Family, design collectives working towards circularity. We are also showing looks from established designers BOTTER, Ronald van der Kemp and Marga Weimans, Yuima Nakazato and Nicole McLaughlin.

“Second, the community, with an installation for visitors to participate in, planting the seed that we need each other to change the fashion system. Lastly, the industry – honing in on examples of innovations and technologies. We invited designers to create new work with circular materials including Living Ink, MIRUM, Altmat and Biophilica.”

And Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion for Good, added that this isn’t fashion fantasy.

“What Goes Around Comes Around showcases looks from recent capsule collections featuring implemented innovations such as Circ, Infinited Fiber Company, Ambercycle and Renewcell, demonstrating that next gen solutions aren’t just a future fantasy – but are ready for market now,” said Ley. 

The exhibition is open for the public from Saturday 27th of January until June 5th 2024, marking World Environment Day on June 5th as the final closing day of the museum.

You can buy museum tickets here.

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