Regenerative fashion is now on a good footing

Fashion for Good (FFG) is the global trendsetter when it comes to creating the right environment for a regenerative fashion industry to grow and prosper. The Amsterdam-headquartered platform, alongside its investor network, has directed €1.9 billion in funding to change makers reshaping the future of the industry since 2017 – and it now plans to go even further.

In 2023 FFG carried out interviews with brands, investors, innovators, NGOs, universities and more to learn how it can maximise its impact in the near future. The interviews told them innovation is the key catalyst for transformation but that serious obstacles remain, including weak signals from industry, the cost of technology, and reluctant investors.

Fashion for Good has the scale, networks and expert knowledge to help the fashion world overcome these barriers and its new strategy is built on five pillars designed to optimise conditions for success. They are: innovators – where the focus will continue to be scaling innovations; suppliers – through the launch of its strategic supplier programme; brands – by supporting them to integrate sustainable practices; investors – ensuring money is not a barrier; and public – by ensuring the transformation story is shared with the public.

“As Fashion for Good navigates the evolving landscape of the fashion industry, we are poised to intensify efforts through our Innovation Platform. This move is not only about adapting to change but leading it with focused and effective action,” says Katrin Ley, Managing Director Fashion for Good.

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