AQUAZONE: Innovative Solutions For Water Utilities And Industry


  • Name of CEO/Founder: Mikko Laitinen
  • State | Country: Espoo, Finland 
  • Date of Incorporation : 2009

Achievements in Sustainability

Have you ever wondered how to bend the circular economy into company profit? Aquazone has set up a remarkable system in which you can make a high profit without further demolishing the environment.

The Finnish company Aquazone has developed an exquisite method of upcycling wastewater into fertilizer. Firstly, through a well-developed biochemical process, the nutrients, solids, and water are extracted from the wastewater. They are then skillfully utilized. The water is either further purified to make it fit for drinking or is used for irrigational purposes. Additionally, the sludge is filled with vital nutrients, which makes a phenomenal organic fertilizer.

The company is also exclusively doing a splendid job with its water treatment machinery and set up. Their replenishing services and solutions are utilized by a myriad of municipal industrial wastewater treatment plants. With high cost-efficient solutions, the company has rapidly expanded in odor and corrosion prevented services that entail quick solutions for a plethora of sewage treatment problems.

Aquazone has shown stupendous growth to adjust with the new restrictions been implemented over the past few years. To accommodate all of the guidelines, they have developed a new membrane-based technology (MBR). In MBR, the wastewater is passed through microfiltration-sized membranes, in which most of the foreign pathogens, residue, and microplastics are removed. This service cultivates a more cost-productive and superior quality solution to the new challenge. Their services range from cover planning to site implementation.

In the year 2019, Aquazone was acquired by Operon Group Oy, a company already boasting revenues of £11 million, in turn showing us the room of possibilities and profitability. Aquazone aims to find solutions for each of their customers by following in the footsteps of the circular economy while not compromising the amazing quality they are known for.

Aquazone teaches us how to bend the circular economy to not only save the environment but for company profit as well. 

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