Myanmar based Local Waste-Management Company- Recyglo

RecyGlo is a waste-management and data analytics startup primarily based in Yangon, Myanmar. RecyGlo is committed to producing environmentally friendly recycling solutions to Myanmar, and Malaysia. Founded in May 2017, it’s mission is to process your materials in a very safe, non-hazardous manner with an aim to keep the planet clean. RecyGlo believes in promoting smart recycling habits so as to attain long-lasting results. It handles plastics, metals, paper, glass, e-waste including batteries and electronics, organic and agricultural waste, and dangerous waste. 

RecyGlo participated with over 20 other startups from Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and also the Caribbean and was among the 15 winners of Seedstars Asia Competition in Cambodia, and getting the chance to take part in the global competition in 2020. Seedstars Asia Competition has gained a reputation as the world’s largest startup competition and holds events in dozens of countries around the world. RecyGlo has built up a waste-administration and analytics platform that accomplishes a reusing rate of over 98 percent, which also decreases the managerial costs, and provides coordination, training, reporting and confirmation, explained by the cofounder of RecyGlo, Ko Okka Phyo Maung.

Local startup RecyGlo services include waste collection, waste awareness training, waste audits, and providing neighbourhood recycle bins. The company also organises Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs) programmes. The company deals with waste like paper, cardboard, plastics, and aluminium and tin cans.

Waste that’s discarded by people takes a few years to decompose. During this period, waste such as plastic, metals and other hazardous waste can end up clogging drains and rivers, which also leads to flooding and diseases. 

Waste material can also flow downstream and eventually enter the ocean, where it becomes a threat to marine life. Decomposing waste material can pollute the environment and become hazardous to the living.

Ko Okka, the cofounder of RecyGlo said, “I am proud to represent Myanmar as a high-impact and highly scalable startup that is growing internationally. We’re solving probably the most challenging waste-management problems in Myanmar and Southeast Asia.” 


Approximately, 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste is there in the world, out of which only 9 percent has been recycled and the waste that hasn’t been recycled, ends up in a landfill or in the ocean. The start-up collects over 100 tonnes of garbage and has made a difference in the lives of more than 12,000 people. “We charge depending on the services the businesses and organizations want,” stated by Ma Shwe Yamin Oo. 

recycle, recirculate, share

RecyGlo provides services to over 400 non-governmental organizations, companies, hotels and offices, like Savoy Hotel, H&M, Panasonic, IFC, UNODC etc. Even the factories in the industrial zones and some of the banks have shown interest in the startup. 

Last year, RecyGlo was accepted into Norway’s Katapult Ocean Accelerator Program and received US$150,000 (225.13 million-kyat) investment as a part of the program. The money helped the local startup to expand its client base.

The firm is receiving fresh funds at a time when demand is rising as more people and corporations become conscious of the importance of recycling. Ma Shwe Yamin Oo said, “We have established ourselves, and now our clients are all separating their waste properly. In the past, we had to try to make many cold calls to introduce our services. These days, people are beginning to contact us.” 

With prospects looking brighter, RecyGlo is getting to invest in expanding its business and technology this year. Ma Shwe Yamin Oo also said, “We will attempt to offer more streamlined services in Bagan and Mandalay besides Yangon. 

Ma Shwe Yamin Oo added “As long as people are removing waste, we’ve to gather the rubbish. These jobs will be there as long as this country exists.” She also said, “In fact, waste disposal may be a problem not only in Myanmar but throughout ASEAN, so we intend to go regional.”

RecyGlo has also won many awards like CCI France’s Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019 in the positive impact category. RecyGlo was nominated as the winner for Myanmar Rice Bowl Awards Best Newcomer 2019. RecyGlo has also received ISO 900-2005 from Uniteam Global Business after successfully passing the standards required for operations and quality management control. 


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