The workshops conducted by ICCE help to discover  a framework  of  circular  strategies  with case  studies and solution providers. It gives exposure to new methodologies, identifying opportunities, prioritizing the strategies that are relevant to your focus. Our members have access to conferences and seminars linked to Circular Economy themes: Cradle-to-Cradle, built for disassembly, Urban Farming, Circular Packaging, Blue Economy, Biomimicry, Building Information Modeling and many more.

Our experts are problem solvers, researchers and logicians who work together on building exciting new models and an open data platform for circularity. Get in touch with our experts and partners to avail support and advice on specific focus industry sectors, material flows and impacts that are important to your city in order to get recommendations on the circular strategies. You can use this data and relevant case studies for informed decisions.

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We guide young entrepreneurs through curated learning experiences to expand their understanding of the circular economy and learn how the concept can be applied to different parts of the economy. The experience center helps to develop hands-on experience through disassembly workshops, from cell phones to buildings, from understanding to designing, from learning to working.

ICCE works with start-ups and social enterprises to nurture collaboration, innovation and to generate business opportunities. ICCE organizes activities to discover new Circular Economy & Cradle-to-Cradle companies, systems, and products. We also help budding enterprises to get “Angel-investors” for their businesses.

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ICCE works with its experts at national and international level to develop a framework that help entities to evaluate themselves. We help them with referential guides, measures, tools and challenges for Circular Economy’s criteria.

ICCE experts are pro at Circular economy principles. They work with company/individuals whose activities or projects are dedicated to Circular Economy. They mentor and guide with exhaustive creation of marketing and communication tools for industries willing to embrace (or already engaged in) Circular Economy principles.

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ICCE incubates companies who are dedicated to implement Circular Economy with positive impact. Entrepreneurs can apply their minds to building solutions that can immediately contribute to creating positive impact around the world during regular meetups and hackathons that take place online and offline

ICCE organize training workshops from time to time for educational institutes. Our Circular Labs are associated with 1000 young entrepreneurs who are learning the domains linked to Circular Economy themes. Our training programs Specify focus industry sectors, material flows and impacts in order to get recommendations on the circular strategies. Any educational institute could collaborate with ICCE’s Circular Labs.