ISO/TC 323 – Circular Economy

Technical Committees
ISO/TC 323
Circular economy

Secretariat: AFNOR
Committee Manager: Mme Clarisse Issanes
Chairperson (until end 2022): Mrs Catherine Chevauche
ISO Technical Programme Manager [TPM]: Ms Monja Korter
ISO Editorial Manager [EM]: Ms Nicola Perou
Creation date: 2018

Our MD, Shalini Goyal Bhalla represented India and Indian interests at the global level at the international ISO meet in Kigali, Rwanda. She is a part of the technical committee (ISO/TC 323 “Circular Economy”) and working group 4 (ISO/TC 323/WG 4 “Circular Economy in practice: experience certificate)”

The TC and WG are working on standardization in the field of Circular Economy to develop frameworks, guidance, supporting tools and requirements for the implementation of activities of all involved organizations, to maximize the contribution to Sustainable Development.

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