What is your sustainability story?


Majbritt Kristensen is my guest today on Inside Ideas. The co-founder of ACT, which started out in 2018 when a group of friends came together and united on a goal to implement positive change in Malta, Majbritt has been heavily influenced by both her Mediterranean and Scandinavian upbringing.

Majbritt’s background has been the trigger for her passion for all things circularity. Her interest and understanding of circularity has resulted in experiences with startups in Silicon Valley, WEF Davos, local NGOs and private projects.

Due to serious childhood health issues Majbritt explored lifestyle and food options from an early age. She reset her health, shared what she learned, and is passionate about boosting health and happiness. Her insights are applied holistically throughout all aspects of her life – in her family life, and also by applying the next normal to help boost future generations. 


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