The Circular Bulletin

The Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have laid a clear vision to shape a new era for business. Different strategies and methodologies have emerged that could lead to a sustainable growth. Circular Economy has emerged as the most promising one among all.

Like any other strategy, Circular Economy has many stakeholders. Designing and strategizing a route towards making nations Circular, needs thorough planning and understanding. International Council for Circular Economy helps many such leaders of the future to accelerate the implementation of Circular principles through innovative solutions. These solutions can range across sectors and services like agriculture, textile, construction, healthcare to list a few.

In the Indian context, it is highly imperative for our industry leaders to identify key social and environmental challenges within and outside their organization and design innovative solutions to address them. Recognizing these imperatives help the industry leaders in sharing their key interventions/ solutions which have been implemented within their company to address some key issues.

ICCE brings leaders from international agencies, government, business, academic and Civil Society committed to accelerate the implementation of the Circular principles through innovative solutions. ICCE has been associated with OCCE, MSMECCII and GCCI as their official partner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for shaping this bulletin. The bulletin brings to light the critical need for rapidly scalable circular solutions, several innovations and research work in this domain to drive the transformation agenda for countries. I hope this bulletin serves as a reference document for the stakeholders to understand the concepts of a Circular Economy.