One-stop Sustainability Tool

Businesses across the world need to be more sustainable to curb climate change. ICCE’s sustainability tool integrates effective monitoring and measuring to evaluate all major aspects of sustainability (ESG, C-footprint). It is the need of the hour for Startups, MSMEs, FMCG and hospitality sectors and Investors. 

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Key Attributes:

1. ESG and EHS combined analysis to magnify the impact and know the risk, health and safety system of the company
2. Both country as well as Industry benchmarking at the data point level
3. Percentile and Grade ranking methodology 
4. Data-driven category weights to reflect data availability within each category
5. Sectors covered – FMCG and Banking; Companies chosen – cover 60% Market Cap of respective sectors


Evaluation, Monitoring and Insights on sustainability in a single tool

Highly customized dashboard for ESG scorecard and other sustainability

Fast and flexible software for quick insights and industry best practices

Best-in-class reports for Board meetings and strategies (CSR, investor pitch, etc.)

Supported by an efficient and competent team of experts 

Cost-effective and efficient diligence for regulations and standards
including ESG, EHS, CSR