Our work with national and state governments set direction of innovation and investment in circular economy. Institutions, Governments & Cities play a crucial role in creating and enabling conditions for a circular economy to emerge and thrive. We work with government to make a framework which allows them to realise many of their economic, environmental, and societal ambitions.

Business plays a central role in creating the systemic change required to reap the financial benefits of the circular economy. Collaboration with suppliers, customers, and infrastructure is the only way to build a circular economy with benefits throughout society. Business-led collaboration & disruptive innovation are key to building a circular economy.

We work to provide evidence of the economic, environmental, and societal benefits that a circular economy transition could deliver. We develop tools and methods to help companies, policymakers, and other stakeholders reach their circular economy ambitions. Our extensive case study library showcases how circular economy concepts are being implemented in practice.

We work across sectors to develop the vision, skills, and mindsets needed to transition to a circular economy by transforming the way we create products, services, and systems. We support learning about the circular economy through interdisciplinary, project-based, and participatory approaches. Our aim is to help people understand how they can influence the complex systems around us.