Now is the time for a Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week got underway on Monday with a rallying call for citizens worldwide to “rise up together for a regenerative, restorative and revolutionary new fashion system”.

Running until 24 April, the annual campaign led by the world’s largest fashion activism movement is urging people, brands, retailers and producers to ‘collectively reimagine a just and equitable fashion system for people and the planet’.

The 2022 theme is MONEY FASHION POWER – which the growing movement of activists are using to press home the reality that the ‘mainstream fashion industry relies upon the exploitation of labour and natural resources’.

“Poverty and textiles have been bound together throughout history. It is no coincidence that if you look at words for being poor or in a precarious state you will find a myriad of textile connotations—coming apart at the seams, fleeced, strapped, hanging by a thread—and today the struggle for human dignity and
living wages in the fashion industry remains constant and costly,” said Carry Somers, co- founder and Global Operations Director, Fashion Revolution.

Get involved

Citizens are being asked to use the power of social media for good by quizzing brands #whomademyclothes and #whatsinmyclothes and policymakers to take action on living wages

There are also a host of online and in-person events, while the Fashion Open Studio is the place to discover the innovative designers reshaping the fashion industry.

“Inspiring new designers, thinkers and professionals all over the world are challenging the system with solutions and alternative models. Fashion Revolution Week is all of this, scrutinising and celebrating fashion, globally and locally, wherever you are,” added Orsola de Castro, Co-founder and Global Creative Director, Fashion Revolution.

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