MoU with Mumbai Educational Trust

Signing of MoU with MET Institute of Management

Mumbai, India - Aug, 25th, 2022

International Council for Circular Economy (ICCE) signed an MoU with MET Institute of Management under the Mumbai Educational Trust, MET League of Colleges on 25th August 2022. The MoU was signed in presence of Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal, Hon. Trustee, #BhujwalKnowledgeCity, MET, Dr. Swati Lodha, MET IOM, Mr Ravinder Dahiya, Co-Director, ICCE and Ms. Shalini Goyal Bhalla, Managing Director, ICCE. 

The ICCE will be facilitating the first ‘Circular Lab’ in Maharashtra at MET IOM. This Circular Lab would work as a Resource Centre for Research & Innovation, Capacity Building, Networking, Policy Making and would serve as shared knowledge platform. 

Most of the Colleges and Universities have established Entrepreneurship Development Cells and Centers of Excellence in distinct domains as Technology and Innovation. These labs allow a student to utilize the best in tech/research. Studentscan leverage academic guidance to experiment and put their ideas to test. The real gap establishes when the existing labs have to go beyond the realm of academics and touch the real world – the business-worthiness of the idea, impact assessment of the idea, mentoring and access to global experts, critical evaluation of ideas and selection, post-selection mentoring, access to seed funds, VC’s and support for prototype development are the vital gaps. Besides, companies are increasingly looking for solutions that are sustainable and circular in nature. Circular Lab brings an entrepreneurial leadership development programme embedded with Circular principles, to help higher educational institutes prepare future purpose driven leaders who can solve pressing social-environmental challenges through their entrepreneurial actions.

This programme is to build entrepreneurial leadership in the students in sustainability sector. It is ideally suited to students who are predisposed to solve problems through innovative business solutions. Students shall be selected on the basis of their statement of purpose. Approach is to inspire & prepare students to take meaningful entrepreneurial actions in sustainability and circular practices along with key stakeholders.

Since its inception three decades ago MET Institute of Management, a top B-School in Mumbai has focused on developing industry ready management professionals shaped to cross-industry threshold to seek their chosen place under the sun. ICCE will be aiding their vision by enabling a transition from Linear to Circular by building regenerative and restorative systems.