India Circular Economy Forum (ICEF2023)

India, 12th Sep' 22

India Circular Economy Forum (ICEF2023) was a huge success. The theme of this year was “Transitioning from a throwaway culture”.

With over 400+ delegates, 14 government representations, 5 embassies representations, the forum featured 70 speakers and included participation from 95 companies across 19 informative sessions. The Accelerator sessions and Studios were highly appreciated by the delegates. The trailblazers brought some unique ideas for implementation in industry.

The panels focussed on the three principles of #CircularEconomy –

  • How to design out waste from our systems
  • New Business models to keep products in use for longer and
  • Regenerative approach for circular transition

International Council for Circular Economy (ICCE) along with its Knowledge Partner Grant Thornton Bharat LLP have developed the “Circular Economy Action Agenda – Key recommendations from ICEF2023”

Key highlights of the report:

  • The measures that can be taken by the industry to enable a circular transition
  • Industry experiences from the measures that they are taking and learning from their approaches
  • Policy recommendations in order to make the transition smoother

The report is a blueprint to work towards the #Mission Circular Economy, as announced by our Hon’ble PM, Shri Narendra Modi ji on Aug 15th 2021.

Access the report HERE

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