Most global businesses understand that in order to remain competitive, a circular economy must feature in their strategy. We all acknowledge the necessity to work collectively and collaboratively to build new markets without compromising nature’s balance. ICCE 50 is a network of top 50 companies in India that are working actively in the Circular Economy. It is an initiative to get recognition, share knowledge, tools, and measures that these companies have adopted to imbibe the principles of the Circular Economy.

For change-makers, thought leaders, and designers- it’s a space to learn, share knowledge, and put ideas into practice. ICCE 50 is a platform is a network providing collaborative and pre-competitive opportunities which bring together business, innovators, cities and governments, universities, and thought leaders. We work across disciplines to develop the vision, skills, and mindsets needed to learn CE practices and transition to a circular economy.

We encourage companies working on material circularity, product-life extension, reducing negative externalities, enhanced recycling techniques to apply here for being a part of ICCE 50. 

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