The India Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform is an open space whose aim is to promote the transition to a circular economy by facilitating policy dialogue among stakeholders, by disseminating, good practices, strategies and voluntary commitments, and by providing information on the circular economy and related activities.

The Platform is a collaborative initiative of industry, civil society, government, ULBs. Interaction with the Platform happens through its public website. Businesses and organisations are encouraged to submit commitments in order to raise awareness on their efforts to implement circular economy principles.

If you are an industry you can become a member of ICESP. If you are from Academia, or any association you can be an honorary member of ICESP.  To be an active member, you can  interact to look for good practices, policy strategies, voluntary commitments and events, engage with other stakeholders, as well as feeding the website with your own input. You can submit your articles or participate in the annual forum, organised by the ICCE called “India Circular Economy Forum” (ICEF).

This is a sector-agnostic platform that explores cross-sector opportunities to convert waste to wealth. You can  join us if you are interested in being a part of India’s journey of becoming a green and clean nation.