Europe’s new world of innovation

A special edition of Innovators Magazine was released in the European Parliament in Brussels this week. It explores the past, present and future of Europe’s 21st century innovation story, and how every decade of it has been shaped by the ingenuity and drive of the Knowledge4Innovation Forum (K4I Forum) in the European Parliament.

Join European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen; former Innovation Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, and other leading figures of Europe’s 21st century innovation story to celebrate the impact of the K4I Forum: the many milestones, initiatives, and firsts that are attached to its name.

And read about the launch of a new global initiative, Allied4Future (A4F), its plans to shape the future of the global green economy, as well as the extensive coverage it produced in partnership with OnePoint5Media at COP28 in Dubai.

We also have the exclusive on the first-ever World Future Forum A4F is holding in Lisbon later this year – and details of how you can get involved.

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