Drink to the planet with vodka made using CO2

Drinking vodka made using CO2 emissions could be just about the perfect way to toast the prospects of what many expect to be a multi-trillion dollar future for the carbontech sector.

According to Carbon180, an NGO on a mission to deliver a ‘carbon-removing world’, carbontech products made with waste carbon can help generate a near $6 trillion annual market.

“Since carbontech recycles waste carbon that would otherwise perpetuate climate change, carbontech materials are comparably climate beneficial compared to the incumbent material or product,” Carbon180 said in a report about the burgeoning sector.

Which means drinkers of Air Vodka can give themselves a big pat on the back. It is made by Air Company, an exciting New York-based startup that is using its patented technology to convert CO2 into carbon-negative products including vodka, perfume, and hand sanitiser.

The new rock stars of climate-friendly food

Solar Foods is another prominent name in the carbontech space. The Finnish company is on course to produce one of the world’s most carbon-friendly proteins using only electricity and air in a process that uses CO2 extracted from the atmosphere.

Carbon180 says these growing number of products “can help lower technology costs for carbon capture and conversion technologies by providing a demand-side incentive to capture and use waste carbon feedstocks”.

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