Decade of Action

As the UN explains, the Decade of Action ‘calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges – ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap.’ The Sustainable Development Goals were first adopted in 2015, emphasizing a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all. They aim to have an impact across multiple levels, as detailed below. 
The UN is using the SDGs as a measuring stick for change, and 2030 is the hard deadline for results. Nobody is exempt, as they have attempted to make the goals realistic in every region. It’s clear that COVID-19 has had an impact on achieving the SDGs, but that has not stopped a concentrated effort to meet them in time for 2030.

The UN Secretary-General has identified three different levels in which changes can be made. ‘Global action’ is the first, aiming to lead in terms of policy and providing the resources to do so. ‘Local action’ will see policies enacted, by organizations such as governments and local authorities. Lastly, ‘people action’ is seen on the ground level, and focuses on the choices and decisions the public makes individually.

Action by ICESP during the Decade of Action

Mobilize masses

ICESP will work to create an unstoppable force linked to Global Goals. Identifying risks and taking action—individually and collectively, locally and globally.

Demand urgency and ambition

The generation to win the race against climate change and conquer equality. Working as leaders to account and point to what is possible when action delivers results.

Enable ideas to solutions

Expand access to demonstrate the possibilities of ideas to drive sustainable innovation, financial investments, and technology—while making space in our communities and cities for young people to lead.

We are hopeful!

Our spirit has demonstrated our shared ability to deliver the extraordinary. India Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP) is a global ecosystem that fosters Circular Economy at the national and international levels. It is a point of convergence on initiatives, experiences, critical issues, perspectives, and expectations on the Circular Economy and Climate Change that is needed to represent a single voice, promoting actions dedicated to the economic, social and environmental pillars.

Our Roadmap for 2030 is our best hope—for people, for planet, for prosperity, for peace and for partnerships. It’s time to deliver!

How will ICESP work?

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Future Ready Jobs

Creating 1.2 million industry ready jobs in Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

Capacity Building

Reduce the skill gap by knowledge sharing, partnerships, and collective action

Boosting Economy

Achieve target of 5 trillion economy for India with sustainable & green growth

Net Zero by 2070

Build collaborative industry-academia action to meet India’s Net Zero target of 2070

Climate Change

Enhancing material recovery, promoting green industry, mitigating climate change impact & reducing emission