Circular Economy: Principles and Practice

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Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable society? Do you want to tackle the challenges in the transition towards a circular economy? The transition towards a circular economy is one of the biggest challenges in order to create a more sustainable society. This transition requires a shift in thinking. Circular thinking, an interdisciplinary approach, combined together with socio-technical, managerial, and environmental considerations is essential.

In the previous course “Linear to Circular Economy”, you have read about the current approach – cradle to grave. In this course we shall discuss how this approach can be shifted to a cradle to cradle: a closed-loop approach. This will need us to think of circles, to reinvent supply chains and redesigning of systems.

This course talks about the systems approach, Life cycle analysis and closed loop approach, considering different stakeholder perspectives, their incentive structures, and their impact on circular alternatives. The circular solutions will be assessed by using applied, as well as emerging, technologies. You will learn how to use life cycle assessment and agent-based modelling to assess the socio-technical and manageable challenges and environmental benefits of alternative solutions. In this course, you will analyze what it takes to create a circular economy.

Passing percentage to get a Certificate- 70%

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