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Winnow Solutions

  • Name of CEO/Founder: Marc Zornes
  • State | Country: United Kingdom, England
  • Date of Incorporation : 2013

Vision and mission statement

Winnow’s mission is to connect the commercial kitchen, create a movement of chefs and inspire others to see that food is too valuable to waste. Winnow Solutions are currently working on their goal to save 1 billion dollars per year by 2025.

Achievements in Sustainability

An estimate of worth USD 100 billion food is squandered annually only in the hospitality industry due to the fact that no one can keep a check on the excessive overproduction of food. Not only does this issue hurt the financial productivity of the company, but it also creates an ever-increasing pile of food waste.

Can AI be the solution to this problem? 

That’s where Winnow comes in. Winnow’s Al-enabled tool, Winnow Vision, is an accessible and revolutionary way for commercial kitchens to manage their food resources intelligently. Winnow Vision tracks your food waste and provides well-curated reports and analytics for scrap reduction possibilities. The tool with its computer vision captures pictures of wasted food thrown in the bin, and overtime automatically collects data, which increases its feasibility and accuracy. 

The Winnow Waste Monitor has a digital scale and a tablet that records the weight and prompts the user to enter the purpose and identify the dish discarded. The tool has been proved more efficient than a human being. The kitchen profits from its advanced optimization skills, eventually leading to cost-cutting, time budgeting, and inevitably reducing a bulky load of landfill waste. Winnow’s tool is already successfully saving more than 10,000 meals per day, which makes up to 23 million meals per year. It’s deployed in over 150 kitchens, partnering with major corporations like IKEA, helping them reduce their cost up to 8% periodically. 

Winnow’s achievements have been highly acknowledged earning it many prestigious honors, for instance, the Circular’s “Ecolab Award for Circular Economy Tech Disruptor” and the overall “Winner of Winner’s Award” at the World Economy Forum at Davos. Some other awards highlighting its accomplishments are the waste2zero award, presented for the best technology, product, and innovation, Footprint award, received for its high waste prevention and management capabilities, and Brands for Good Asia Awards 2018, in the categories of Managing Environmental Impact and Sustainable Resource. 

In the current situation that we are living in, now more than ever arises the need in indulging in our sustainability needs. Winnow Solutions has taken a premium step in providing digital residents with a technology that can traverse us towards an imperative path to the kitchen of the future.

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