• Name of CEO/Founder: Alice Freitas and Rachel Aung
  • State | Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Date of incorporation: 2005

Vision and Mission statement

Todays waste became tomorrow’s raw material. Asta believe in this vision and mobilize a network for good through innovation, education amd design. They believe in transforming waste into assets.

Achievements in Sustainablity

Once, somewhere in this world existed this young entrepreneur named Alice. She traveled to India because she was curious and wanted to educate herself in the field of social business. She absolutely fell in love with the fine craftsmanship of handmade stuff and the whole weaving process. She then partnered with Rachel, and that is how Rede Asta came into existence.

Rede Asta is a company that supports local Brazilian women artisans and transforms waste into personalized gift collections. They invest in female entrepreneurship, making them skilled businesswomen. An estimate of 200,000 tons of waste is collected every day in Brazil and out of that only 3% is recycled. Rede Asta forms partnerships and collects this excess waste and scrap parts from hundreds of companies around the nation daily. The company can then request specific designs to suit their needs and business purposes. With the intricate network of Rede Asta, artisans from all around the nation produce designs out of the discarded material provided. They also have their own lab to research new upcycling techniques and run workshops to recover waste. They provide training on effective waste management and ways to turn this waste into useful products and designs to numerous budding entrepreneurs. It provides a platform for artisans to connect with others like them and share their vision and ideas which enhances their learning experience and develop new efficient methods. More than 80% of their products are made from recovered waste.

Rede Asta recognizes the potential of things that people label no longer plausible to use, and with a social impact, turns it into something beautiful.

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