Clarios- The world's smartest energy storage solutions


  • Name of CEO/Founder:  Mark Wallace
  • State | Country: Wisconsin, USA
  • Date of Incorporation : —

Vision and mission statement

Clarios is powering progress with a clear vision of the road ahead. We’re forever seeking the better solutions for our customers, for the planet we all share, and for the people who use our vehicle energy storage products every day.

Achievements in Sustainability

Clarios offers the broadest range of the most sustainable and advanced batteries for practically every kind of vehicle. Clarios has managed to establish one of the world’s most efficient and successful circular economies. From designing to transportation and recycling to recovering, Clarios has curated a well-oiled process that takes care of each step along the way to produce the most productive and environment-friendly end result.

Clarios’ batteries power 1 out of 3 of the world’s vehicles. Each year, they produce more than 150 million batteries. As they take the load of producing one-third of the industry’s yield, they make sure that their batteries are reasonably recycled. The company recycles more than 8,000 batteries every hour. Whether it’s transforming the lead into grinds, plastic into battery cases, Clarios takes care of every aspect to formulate the most impressive and extraordinary close-loop design. Consequently, automotive batteries are the most commonly recycled consumer product in North America and G7 countries. They also have an Energy Hunt Program, which focuses on discovering better energy-saving and greenhouse gas reduction opportunities. Every aspect and component, down to water management, abides the circular economy principles. For instance, their battery formation cycle cooling water is continuously reused.

Clarios’ ultimate goal is to make sure that each battery is correctly recycled or repurposed and is compliant with the circular economy standards. They are constantly formulating mind-boggling innovative solutions and are dynamically working to meet the demands of the consumers to sustain our planet.

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