Burberry- Aiming to be carbon neutral


  • Name of CEO/Founder:  Marco Gobetti
  • State | Country: London, UK
  • Date of Incorporation : 1856

Achievements in Sustainability

Burberry is one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Their commitment to sustainability is long-standing and based on the belief that for a better future, they need to be head-on addressing and resolving issues the world is facing today. With social collaborations, they are innovating the industry for a more eco-friendly circular environment.

Burberry is aiming to become carbon neutral. Already, 68% of electricity consumed at their offices, warehouses, internal manufacturing units, and stores is renewably sourced. Their Heritage trench coats are also produced using renewable energy. Burberry launched its ECONYL collection, which is made from sustainable nylon yarn. The yarn is designed out of regenerated fishing nets, discarded fabric, and industrial plastic. They also introduced the market with bio-based nylon that is crafted out of renewable resources such as castor oil. The brand has a selection of glasses carefully curated from bio-based acetate using, of course, renewable energy. Since the clothing brand also produces clothes made out of cotton, the brand has joined forces with the Better Cotton Initiative(BCI)-a non-profit working towards, as the name suggests, creating better cotton for the environment. Together, they are exploring new sources for regenerative and organic cotton. Burberry is the first luxury brand to seek certification from the Leather Working Group(LWG) in Italy. Currently, the team is working with three such certification tanneries to ensure the highest standards of leather. With more than 64% of their leather is sourced from these tanneries, their ultimate goal is to reach 100% by 2022. The company also donates its excess fabric after the whole cycle of production to the Italian brand Progetto Quid- a fashion non-profit led by women to help the lower strata of society. Burberry bumped up their packaging standards to reflect their sustainability aims. Their signature oak paper is made out of more than 40% upcycled coffee cups and is completely reusable and recyclable. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Their products are shipped around on recyclable hangers and in garment bags manufactured out of 100% recycled polyester. Burberry efforts have been recognized worldwide and have earned them some very prestigious awards. For instance, Burberry has been featured on the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index as a leading luxury brand. They also made a pact with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to ensure that their clothing pieces are made using safe and renewable raw materials.

Burberry is currently leading its way to make its whole operation use renewable energy by the year 2022. They also want to achieve 100% sustainable cotton in their products by the year 2020, and 100% leather sourced from certified tanneries by the year 2022.

Burberry is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and progressively leading its way towards a more circular company.

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