Calling circulars startups

The Circulars Accelerator ’22 was launched this year by Accenture in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. And there are five days remaining to apply to join the six-month programme, which is designed to catalyse actions that can accelerate the global transition to an equitable and circular economy.

“We are looking for early to growth stage entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses in need of specialised, tailored support,” the call says. “Applicants should be setting out to grow their business, whilst also exploring broader opportunities to redefine business as usual, trigger systems change and drive forward the transition to a more circular economy. Challenge winners will be invited to a six-month accelerator program facilitated by Accenture and partners in collaboration with the World Economic Forum to help scale and advance their impact.

Submissions will be reviewed in two stages. Stage 1 opens on 1st September. Successful applicants will be taken forth to Stage 2, and will be sent additional questions regarding their solution. Stage 2 is scheduled to open from 1st October. All submissions will close on 1st November.

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