Call for Papers

International Council for Circular Economy is excited to announce the “Call for Papers”. We are inviting you to submit papers that should be represented online at the International Conference. The abstracts have been submitted and evaluated.

The theme for the Conference is ‘Sustainable solutions for creating a resourceful, resilient and responsible urban city‘. The conference would be hosted digitally in the month of July 2021. The exact details are yet to be confirmed. The program will be packed with the perspective on how to make global cities circular, around the world. Selected papers would be published in International Journal. 

The main aim and objective of the call papers are to build an interdisciplinary platform that will bring city planners, architects, system designers, economists, engineers and researchers, environmentalists from social and corporate sectors that are into developing sustainable solutions in the urban scenario that facilitate circular economies based on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recover) and allow cities to cope with future challenges. Papers on innovative approach such as :

  • Built environment,
  • Sponge cities,
  • Sustainable urban wastewater utilization,
  • Resource recovery,
  • Low impact development,
  • Resource Efficiency,
  • Urban Farming, nature-based solutions,
  • Energy production 

We welcome your contribution. To submit your proposal for consideration please complete this proposal form along with the abstract, before the deadline. Papers will report significant advances in the following categories: 

2. Planning the Urban Environment 
3. Fundamental Science 
4. Policy Management 
5. Applications/Demonstrations