Profiled Universities and Colleges

ICCE is committed to work with universities and higher education institutions to enable the transition from a linear to a circular economy. We develop, share and scale circular economy learning models through collaborative efforts. Reaching greater number of students, academics and universities and positioning Circular economy within these influential learning organizations, is central to ICCE’s vision.

We aim to accelerate this approach by:
  • Relationship and network building
  • Activating shared projects
  • Showcasing and informing excellence in circular economy teaching and research
  • Harnessing the power of the higher education sector to accelerate circular economy transition in global cities
According to Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, higher education is in a unique position to affect change. Through teaching, applied research, student-led initiatives, and campus management, we work with leading universities and institutions to find scalable and replicable solutions that deliver outcomes and long-term impact. Students moving through higher education systems are a key group of catalysts who can be mobilized to learn, think, and act differently to impact the linear system and act as agents of change. Distance learning is a key focus, with both blended and face-to-face approaches enhancing a range of events, courses, and open learning opportunities. Is your university or higher education institution doing or want to do great work in the circular economy? Fill in the form below to register your interest in joining and featuring as a Profiled University/College.

Profiled Colleges/Universities